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The Fundació CTM Centre Tecnològic is responsible for activating RIS3CAT water communities

The Fundació CTM Centre Tecnològic, integrated in Eurecat, technological centre of Catalonia (member of the net TECNIO); will be responsible for coordinating the activation of the potential of RIS3CAT water communities. The Generalitat (Catalan Government) has decided to grant this task to the Fundació CTM Centre Tecnològic after a competitive procedure.

The Generalitat de Catalunya has launched RIS3CAT Communities, a pioneer strategy in Europe that seeks to transform the Catalan business network until 2020. RIS3CAT Communities are voluntary groups of business and agents from the Catalan R+D and innovation system that will develop projects of up to three years long with the aim of creating new products or services according to the challenges established for the RIS3CAT strategy. 72 million Euros from the FEDER funds will be assigned to this initiative and will help to move more than the double of this amount with contributions of private companies and other sources. This initiative is part of the 10 great strategic projects of the Catalan Government.

Each community is formed by a minimum 8 members, at least four of which should be companies. The rest of the members will be technological centers, research centers, universities or even hospitals. It is foreseen to have 15 communities that will be created according to the seven leading sectorial fields in which Catalonia has competitive advantages: food industry, chemistry, energy, resources; industries related with sustainable mobility, industries based on design, health industries and cultural industries based on experience.

The goal for the ends of this year is to have the communities constituted and for them to start their plans of action. With this objective, the Departament d’Empresa i Ocupació (Department for Business and Occupation) through ACCIÖ, has approved a resolution for granting aids to the different coordinating entities in order to activate potential communities. With RIS3CAT, the Catalan Government opts for R+D and innovation as a motor for a more intelligent economic growth, sustainable and integrating, which will allow to generate new economic activities and new job opportunities.

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