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CTM-Eurecat takes part in Catalonia´s Clusterof Advanced Materials

The new stage of Catalonia´s Cluster of Advanced Materials emerges from the involvement of Eurecat, Catalonia´s great industrial technology supplier, after two years of promotion and public leadership. There are 150 companies involved in this cluster.

The new cluster with strong business leadership was presented last 7th May in front of more than 100 business actors related to this field. It emerges with 21 founding partners with an aggregate turnover of 282 million Euros and which directly employ around 2.360 people.

The cluster is integrated by 16 companies (Ames, Engicom, FAE, Oxolutia, Plasgom, Promsa, Refisa, Advanced Nanotechnologies, Esbelt, Flubetech, La Vola, Matriçats, Polinter, Polisilk, Vac-Tron and Zicla) and 5 organizations (Eurecat, Institut Català de Nanociència i nanotecnologia, Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona, the Centre de Projecció Tèrmica and Materfad).

Catalonia´s Cluster of Advanced Materials is headed by Lluís Raurich, Manager of Engicom. It is a non-profit organization which main objective is to promote and contribute to the competitiveness of the value chain of businesses related with new materials or materials with improved characteristics with regards present ones. The main lines of work of this cluster are: collaboration, technology, visibility and to maintain the international antennas for capturing business and projects for its partners.

Different projects have been promoted within the frame of the cluster such as the collaborative project for the high speed railway line Medina-Meca, the commissioning of the Composites postgraduate: structural design, materials and processes, or the research into high elastic limit steels applied to the sector of agricultural machinery.
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