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The second Congress Catalunya Emprèn presents Imm Sound as a successful case

The technological success of Imm Sound, immersive 3d sound spin-off that emerged in Eurecat-Barcelona Media, has been one of the successful cases presented at the second edition of the Congress Catalunya Emprèn. This congress is framed within the financial program of ACCIÓ and has the aim of promoting Catalonia´s innovative and entrepreneurial capacities.

During the seminar, Stefano Lacaita, former general manager of Imm Sound, pointed out that the Company Eurecat-Barcelona Media arose after confirming that the industry invested in R+D in 3d images, while the advance and development of audio technologies was not beingtakeninto consideration.

Lacaita explained that a group of researchers on the subject of audio was created on 2006. This group attracted young talents from different fields. For years, these researchers developed this concept of immersive audio and they reached a new sound encoding system.

The company Imm Sound was created at the very moment that this new concept was proven. In its creation took part Eurecat-Barcelona Media and several private investors, many of which had professional experience in the world of cinema and media.

Afterwards, Imm Sound developed and globally commercialized the solution which made it possible to reproduce immersive soundtracks in movie theaters. The sale of Imm Sound to Dolby Laboratories in 2012 allowed the culmination of a process of technology transfer to the world´s main player of the sector.

“Technological transfer through spin-offs” is the title of the seminar Catalunya Emprèn. This seminar presented examples of how to build a new generation of technological companies with differential products and quality employment that take advantage of the scientific potential of Catalan companies. The objective was to present companies that have turned their scientific and technological research work into competitive, innovative and ambitious business models; such as the case of Imm Sound.
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