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Eurecatand Altran organize the workshop - Estrategias y soluciones innovadoras para crear destinos turísticos inteligentes (Innovative strategies and solutions for the creation of intelligent touristic destinations)

Eurecat and Altran have coodinated the workshop Innovative strategies and solutions for the creation of intelligent touristic destinations, which will take place next July 2nd in Barcelona. This session will provide answers to the technological changes that are transforming traditional logic of touristic businesses, an important challenge that both companies and destinations must face.

In fact, one of the main events of the workshop will be the presentation of the book “Libro Blanco de los Destinos Turísticos Inteligentes” (The White book of intelligent Touristic Destinations), written by Javier Blanco, Tourism Business Advisor of Altran. All those who attend the event, which will take place from 9:45 to 12 midday at the building Barcelona Growth Center, will receive an electronic copy of it.

His work carries out a diagnosis of the current context of the Tourism Sector at a global level. This sector is going through a moment of cumulative changes and redefinition of the concept of value with the appearance of new business models. This is so because the different markets are progressing towards products and services that are more and more experiential and more segmented and customized. With no doubt, this global tendency emerges thanks to the drive of technology and innovation.

With the new process opened for the definition and development of intelligent touristic destinations, new immense opportunities emerge which point at several issues that are still not solved and that will be raised during the workshop: Where lies the intelligence of touristic destinations? On which strategically important pillars will they be configured? Which are the tools and solutions for progressing towards these intelligent touristicdestinations? The workshop will be inaugurated by José Ramón Magarzo, CEO for Altran Iberia and Xavier Lopez, executive manager of Eurecat. At the event will also participate Patrick Torrent, executive manager of the Catalan Agency for Tourism and Márcio Favilla, executive manager for competitiveness, external relations and associations of the Organización Mundial del Turismo (OMT).

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