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Technology of Materials: Metallic and Ceramic Materials

  • Laboratory double effect hydraulic press, 150-50 Tons
  • Servo-hydraulic machine of 250 kN for components fatigue tests
  • Servo-hydraulic machine of 15 kN for testing elastomers
  • Resonance machine of 150 kN for fatigue tests
  • Tube furnace
  • Mufla furnace
  • Universal electromechanical machines for mechanical tests (200 and 250 kN)
  • Optical unit for measuring deformations (GOM)
  • Optical microscopes
  • Confocal microscope
  • Swept field electronic microscope (FE-SEM equipped with EDX and EBSD)
  • Nanoindenter
  • Instrumented micro-durometer
  • Tribometers for testing wear in different conditions
  • PVD units
  • Emission spectrometer
  • Leco C-S
  • Saline mist test chamber
  • Climatic test chamber
  • Dilatometer
  • Unit for the measurement of roughness
  • Calculation software by the finite elements method ABAQUS
  • Differential sweeping dilatometer with a capacity of up to 1600ºC
  • Dilatometry and hot forming units (up to 1500ºC)
  • Planetary and cryogenic milling units
  • Pultrusion pilot plant for compound materials
  • Optical microscopes with camera coupling
CES Selector Program
Logo de programa CES Selector de CTM Manresa
The software CES Selector allows CTM perform materials selection analysis during: the design of new components, the material replacement of an existing part, and during the research of new hybrid or composite materials, in a virtual synthesis, but with no previous tests.
Programa CES Selector de CTM Manresa
Along with CES Selector’s Eco Audit Tool, CTM works in the environmental impact reduction of products by estimating the energy consumed, and CO2 production, during the 5 main stages of a product’s life (the material’s extraction, the product’s manufacture, transport, use, and end-of-life potential).
Programa CES Selector de CTM Manresa
Confocal Microscope SENSOFAR Plµ 2300
Characterization of the superficial topology, roughness measurement (obtaining 2D and 3D quantitative parameters).
Operation and resolution modes:

  • Confocal Microscopy (<10 nm at 1500x)
  • Interferometry (<5 nm)
Confocal Microscope SENSOFAR Plµ 2300
Electronic Microscope ZEISS ULTRAPLUS
  • Obtaining images with high vision augmentations and high resolution
  • Morphological inspection
  • Chemical composition and semi-quantitative Analysis (EDX)
  • Texture and micro-structure analysis (EBSD)
Electronic Microscope ZEISS ULTRAPLUS
MTS Landmark
  • Servo-hydraulic press for fatigue tests
  • 0 - 80 Hz frequency and 15 KN maximum load
  • Fatigue tests
MTS Landmark
  • Resonance fatigue
  • 40 - 270 Hz frequencies and 150 KN maximum load
  • Fatigue tests
  • Fracture resistance
Instrumented nanoindentation unit Agilent NanoIndenter XP
Determination of hardness and Young module in surfaces and depths (profiles), in nano dimensions (i. e. hard coatings, nitrurations, termal affected coatings).
Instrumented nanoindentation unit Agilent NanoIndenter XP
Instrumented micro-scratching unit. Micro-Combi Tester of CSM Instruments
Determination of hardness and Young module in surfaces and deepness (profiles), determination of friction coefficients, contact fatigue tests.
Instrumented micro-scratching unit. Micro-Combi Tester of CSM Instruments
Tribometer BRUKER UMT-2 CETR
  • Pin-on-disc (one-way)
  • Ball-on-disc (one-way)
  • Scratch test
  • Contact in oscillation movement
  • Normal load programmable between 0,5-100 N.
  • Accurate temperature control up to 1000ºC.
Tribometer BRUKER UMT-2 CETR
DEIMA abrasive wear machine
• Wear of surfaces in contact with low load and abrasive particles.
DEIMA abrasive wear machine
Optical Microscopes
Caracterització microestructural i morfològica (defectes superficials, desgast ...), fins 1500x.
Optical Microscopes
Sample preparation laboratory
Cutting, polishing, chemical attack,...for preparing metallographic samples.
Sample preparation laboratory
Cray CX1
Desktop supercomputer equipped with 3 nodes:
  • Node 1: 12 cpus and 24GB RAM
  • Node 2: 12 cpus and 50Gb RAM
  • Node 3: 24 cpus and 24GB RAM
Cray CX1
Simulation computing software that uses the finite elements method.

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